DCX® Plus
in kitchens

We have tested the efficacy of the DCX Plus disinfection system for use in kitchens in restaurants, bistros, clinics, nursing homes and companies. The aim is to determine whether it is possible, with the aid of an aerogenic disinfection system based on hydrogen peroxide, to significantly reduce germs present in a professional kitchen on all surfaces of relevance. In addition, it needs to be determined which reductions can be achieved on which typical surface materials. In particular, it will be determined which cycle times are necessary for this and whether the use of such a system can be offered as a service. It will also be determined how existing cooling units in operation affect the result.

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Disinfection in kitchens
Disinfection in kitchens control


The effectiveness test is carried out using two different detection methods.On the one hand, bio-indicators with 10⁴, 10⁵ and 10⁶ are measured at three relevant positions in the patient area, as well as at three relevant positions in the driver’s cab. Geobacillus stearothermophilus and samples are taken in parallel near these positions using impression plates before and after the disinfection process. In addition to the biological efficacy test, additional chemo-indicators are laid out in both rooms, which allow a statement whether the active substance mist was present in sufficient quantity at all test positions.

A cycle time of 120 minutes is specified for the test run, and surface tests with impression plates are performed at 8 positions at intervals of 60 minutes each.

Bio and chemo indicators are placed at the same positions. These remain in the room for the entire cycle time and are removed and evaluated at the end.


1. initial situation

  • Kitchen basement approx. 100 m³
  • Walls with standard wall colors
  • Various refrigerators in operation
  • Large ventilation ducts made of galvanized sheet metal in the ceiling area
  • Ventilation system could not be turned off.
    ran on with minimum power.
  • Standard equipment delivery and portioning kitchen
  • Many work surfaces

2. task

  • Testing performance DCX-Plus in typical kitchen environments on countertops, handles and other typical contact surfaces.
  • Verification of germ reduction under practical conditions and under difficult environmental conditions (loss of active ingredient due to ventilation and running cooling units)
  • Checking the odor reduction
  • Except for paper and cardboard, all utensils were left in the room
  • Minor preparatory measures (door lock, enclosing the essential ventilation ducts).
  • Verification of material influence by disinfection process

3. measures

  • Device: DCX Plus
  • Active ingredient: Sanosil 015
  • Cycle time: 2 Stunden
  • Starting conditions: 29.0 °C and 33.3 % relative humidity
  • Before/after comparison of germ load on
    surfaces (using RODAC-imprint platesn) on
    8 test positions after 60 and 120 minutes


  • Disinfection process 120 minutes
  • Application rate 1,875 ml Active ingredient
  • A typical microbial load was detected at all test positions prior to the measure
  • After 60 minutes, sufficient germ reduction could already be determined at 7 of the 8 test positions.
  • After 120 minutes, the germ reduction at all test positions was “OK”, i.e. harmless for kitchen operation.
  • Based on the selection of the test positions, it can be stated that a significant reduction of existing germs was achieved on all relevant surfaces.
Ambulance DCXplus HP Laboratory Technology
DCXplus ambulance HP Labortechnik 9
  • The surface materials commonly used for kitchens can be disinfected with the DXC Plus disinfection system without any challenges
  • After the disinfection measure, a significant reduction in odors typical of kitchens was also observed.
  • With higher active substance consumption and time expenditure, kitchens can be sufficiently germ-reduced with the system even under the unfavorable circumstances mentioned.

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