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HP Labortechnik offers you steam sterilizers and disinfection equipment at the highest technical level. Sterilize liquids, solids, biological hazardous materials or entire rooms.

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Powerful steam sterilizers for
Laboratories, practices and clinics

The VARIOKLAV® BlueLine offers high-quality stainless steel basic instruments that are ideally equipped for all routine tasks in a microbiology laboratory: Autoclave liquids, solids, culture media and laboratory waste at temperatures between 121 and 134 degrees Celsius in a precise, validatable and reproducible manner.


Integrated steam generator


Thermal barrier for liquids


Low feed water consumption despite high flow rate

Varioklav Blueline stand-autoclave

Varioklav® Blueline stand-autoclaves


Our VARIOKLAV® BlueLine stand-autoclaves work reliably, quickly and offer plenty of space with a low standing height.

Varioklav BlueLine table autoclave

Varioklav® Blueline table-autoclaves

The VARIOKLAV® table autoclaves impress with outstanding capacity in the smallest footprint.

Varioklav Greenline Logo

VARIOKLAV® Green Line State-of-the-art touchscreen autoclaves in proven HP quality

The VARIOKLAV® GreenLine combines state-of-the-art technology with proven and reliable sterilization technology. As the successor line to our ClassicLine, it contains numerous new, functional product details as well as all the technical advantages with which our HP autoclaves have been convincing in practical laboratory applications throughout Germany for decades.


A long device service life due to low-wear fittings


A large usable volume in a small footprint and a low overall height


Simplest handling and operation

Varioklav Blueline stand-autoclave

Varioklav® Greenline stand-autoclaves


The VARIOKLAV® GreenLine stand-autoclave impresses with technical performance at the highest level.

Varioklav BlueLine table autoclave

Varioklav® Greenline table-autoclaves

Our compact table autoclaves offer loading capacities of
of up to 65 liters.

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VARIOKLAV® Orange Line Steam pots for heating, keeping warm and unpressurized vapors

The VARIOKLAV®- OrangeLine – reliably working steam pots in medicine and biology for heating, holding and pressureless steaming of all kinds of nutrient media or are used for testing components, rubber or ceramic goods.


Robust and non-rusting stainless steel 1.4301 steam chamber


Chamber volumes from 75 to 190 liters


Stepless temperature adjustment between 40 and 98 degrees Celsius

Varioklav Medline

VARIOKLAV® MedLine Mobile and flexible steam sterilizers for highly mobile medical facilities, laboratory containers and field hospitals

The VARIOKLAV® MedLine offers flexible complete solutions for clinics, polyclinics, medical practices, laboratories and pharmaceutical facilities – specially designed for stationary and mobile use.


For rapid provision of sterile and medical products for medical care


Compact design, low weight, large usable volume


Operation at low and high ambient temperatures and suitable for high humidity

Varioklav Medline 65 TC


The mobile large steam sterilizer according to DIN EN 285 with a usable volume of 65 liters for all commercially available sterile containers.

DCX plus


Fast – safe – efficient
The patented cold nebulization process
for highest hygiene standards

DCX pro


The slim and mobile professional
for aerogenic room disinfection

DCX® Decon Services

We offer a comprehensive and cost-effective all-round package for standardized or personally validated airborne room and surface disinfection.

HP-Lab Decon Service

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