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Steam sterilizers

Discover our high quality steam sterilizers for microbiology laboratories, food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, research facilities and educational institutes.


Decon Services

We are your partner for H2O2 cold vapor nebulization disinfection, for comprehensive hygiene and cleanliness in every industry. Our mobile service gives you the flexibility you need to create a safe environment. Convince yourself of our success stories!


Disinfection equipment

DCXpro and DCXplus are the simplest, safest and most mobile evaporation systems for routine disinfection even in the most confined spaces. Harmful fungi, viruses, spores and bacteria on surfaces and in the air (aerogenic) neutralized and inactivated within 15 to 30 minutes.



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Experience since 1979

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by DIN EN ISO 9001 / 14001

We are specialists for steam sterilizers, which we have been developing and producing ourselves under the VARIOKLAV® brand for over 40 years. In addition, we sell DCX disinfection devices for aerogenic indoor air and surface disinfection. Further, we also offer maintenance and service for all types of equipment. A comprehensive catalog of accessories and consumables rounds off the product range.


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Varioklav® Blueline

Complete solutions for the safe,
reproducible steam sterilization

Varioklav® Greenline

State-of-the-art touchscreen autoclaves
for laboratory steam sterilization
in proven HP quality

Varioklav® Orangeline

Monitoring-free continuous operation for
Heating, keeping warm and steaming

Varioklav® Medline

Steam sterilizers for highly mobile
medical equipment, laboratory containers
and field hospitals

Varioklav blueline stand autoclave

The HP Labortechnik factory service for

VARIOKLAV® autoclaves and steam sterilizers

We offer you our qualified factory service for every HP Labortechnik VARIOKLAV® steam sterilizer, which is guaranteed not to let you down in an emergency. Unlimited maintenance service for your VARIOKLAV® steam sterilizers: Commissioning, maintenance and repair.

HOTLINE +49 89 30 666 47 – 0
E-mail: service@hp-lab.com
You can reach us:
Monday – Friday 08:00 to 17:00

Logo Robert Koch Institute

Our autoclaves are officially recommended by the Robert Koch Institute for steam sterilization of medical devices.

According to §4 of the Medical Devices Operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV), the reprocessing of medical devices should be carried out using suitable validated processes, for example via steam sterilizer according to DIN EN 285 or small steam sterilizer according to DIN 13060. In the development and manufacture of steam sterilizers and the validation of sterilization processes, we comply with the Medical Devices Act (MPG), the Medical Devices Operator Ordinance, the RKI and BfArM recommendations “Hygiene requirements for the reprocessing of medical devices”, DIN EN ISO 14937 and EN ISO 17665 and the European standards for the sterilization of medical devices.


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Angelica Brunner


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Our customer opinions

We are very satisfied with the factory service from HP Labortechnik.
The staff is very friendly, reliable and competent.

Daniel Laibach

Milupa GmbH

Since reliable sterilization of consumables is absolutely essential for our cell analysis platforms, we rely on VARIOKLAV® steam sterilizers in our everyday laboratory work.

Dr. Peter Wolf

Incyton Ltd.

For the use in microphysiometric assays, our labware were sterilized by autoclaving in VARIOKLAV® steam sterilizers.

Dr. Joachim Wiest

Cellasys GmbH

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