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We have tested the effectiveness of the DCX Plus disinfection system for use in ambulances of the fire department of dusseldorf. The aim is to determine whether, with the aid of an aerogenic disinfection system, it is possible to achieve sufficient surface disinfection of all relevant surfaces in an ambulance / patient transport vehicle for the standard procedures of the rescue station concerned. As a result it needs to be dtermined whether it is possible to have the disinfection carried out by an automatic disinfection system after manual removal of all visible contamination. Further down you can convince yourself of our results.

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Efficacy testing HP Labortechnik


The effectiveness test is carried out using two different detection methods. On the one hand, bio-indicators with 10⁴, 10⁵ and 10⁶ are tested at three relevant positions in the patient area, as well as at three relevant positions in the driver’s cab. Geobacillus stearothermophilus and samples are taken in parallel near these positions using imprint plates before and after the disinfection process. In addition to the biological efficacy test, additional chemo-indicators are laid out in both rooms, which allow a statement to be made as to whether the active substance mist was present in sufficient quantity at all test positions.


1. initial situation

  • Ambulance car approx. 14 m³ patient area
  • Ambulance car approx. 4 m³ cab
  • Standard equipment
  • Ventilation switched off

2. task

  • Verification of DCX-Plus performance in ambulances with parallel loading of patient area and driver’s cab
  • Verification of germ reduction under practical conditions
  • Except for paper and cardboard, all installations in the ambulance car were left in place
  • Little preparation measures

3. measures

  • Device: DCX Plus with distributor cover
  • Active ingredient: Sanosil 015
  • Cycle time: 30 minutes
  • Starting conditions: 23.2 °C and 49.1 % relative humidity
  • Control value DCX max. 85 % rel. humidity
  • Before-after comparison of germ load on surfaces (using RODAC impression plates) on 3 typical contact surfaces in the patient area and in the driver’s cab in each case
  • Reduction performance verification by means of bio-indicators at 6 positions and 3 indicators per position, each with 104, 105 and 106 germs (Geobacillus stearothermophilus)
  • Drug distribution test based on chemo indicators with color change red mach yellow


  • Disinfection process 30 minutes
  • Application rate 221 ml active ingredient
  • Environmental and skin pathogens were detected at 5 of the 6 test locations prior to the measure
  • After 30 minutes, sufficient germ reduction could already be determined at all test positions.
  • Based on the selection of the test positions, it can be stated that a significant reduction of existing germs was achieved on all relevant surfaces.
  • At 5 of the 6 test positions, the bio-indicators were tested with a bacterial loading of 105 germs was completely reduced and at the 6th position the indicator was reduced with 104 germs completely.
Ambulance DCXplus HP-Labortechnik
DCXplus ambulance HP-Labortechnik 9
  • At all test positions, the color change of the chemo-indicators was complete, from which a very homogeneous distribution of active ingredients in the room can be concluded.
  • Very good germ reduction performance was found under the environmental conditions. If the cycle time is extended, even higher reduction efficiencies can be expected if required.
  • No moisture was detected on the surfaces, nor were any material changes evident.

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